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Gray Sign Advertising was founded in 1914 in Greensburg, Pennsylvania by F.E. Gray. His son, Cliff Gray, apprenticed under him and eventually took over the business. He moved the sign shop to Corbet St. in Tarentum, Pennsylvania in the 1960s.


In 1980, the Verner family, longtime friends of Cliff Gray, bought the business from Mr. Gray when he retired. But before retiring, Cliff Gray taught Arden Verner, Jr. the timeless lessons in layout and design that Gray Signs is known for. Arden ran operations out of the newly acquired Fawn Township location.  In the 1990's Arden's wife, Andrea, joined the business and brought her love of graphic design with her. 


Today, Arden and Andrea continue operations at the current location on Fifth Ave. in Tarentum. While technology has changed dramatically since the early days in the sign industry, those enduring standards in good design have been preserved at Gray Signs.


Arden Verner


Andrea Verner

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